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How to Deconstruct your Faith and Reconstruct it

Updated: Jun 7

Some people reach a point of their spiritual journey where they need to deconstruct what they know, believe, and are doing in their Christian life. This may lead to a season of asking questions, seeking out answers, taking a break from spiritual practices. For some, deconstruction leads to turning away from the faith and identifying as a nonbeliever. For others, deconstruction leads to a reconstruction of their faith.

How do you deconstruct your faith?

Ask questions.

Some questions to ask to deconstruct your faith:

Is God real? Do I believe that God exists?

How do I know what I know about God? Who taught me about Christianity? Are they trustworthy?

Why do I believe what I believe about God?

Is God who I believe he is? Is God good?

Is the bible true? Is the bible the Word of God?

What do I do with the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why do good things happen to bad people?

How do I reconcile the atrocities of the church? Does the church help people?

Where would I be without God? What would I believe and be doing instead? Is that better?

What are the experiences that inform my answers to these questions?

What are the logical/rational answers to these questions?

Address your fears, insecurities, and doubts.

What are other explanations as to why I am a Christian?

Maybe I became a Christian and am a Christian because I want to feel better about myself.

I didn't want to feel guilty for my faults.

I was afraid of death and hell, and wanted the security of going to heaven.

I want to be accepted, liked, popular, a place to belong to, and have community.

Because I was lonely.

Because I need help in life.

Because I wanted to have purpose, meaning, and significance in my life.

I am a Christian because it gives me a place in society.

Because I want to be taken cared of, mentored, and discipled in life.

Maybe I don't believe in God, or love God, or live for him, but just say I do because of all these things I get in return for saying that I do.

What if being Christian is a joy-killer? What if I am missing out on life experiences because I am trying to act like a Christian.

What are the impure, selfish reasons for why I am a Christian? How can I replace them with more pure motives.

Take the time to ask these questions and answer them.

How to rebuild your faith?

Read the bible.


Talk to people about these questions and your responses.

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