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Resiliency: How to Build Mental Toughness

You can build your mental toughness by: 1. Grit: Grit is having passion and perseverance toward a goal despite obstacles and distractions. Cultivate a mindset of grit. Self-regulate and postpone your need for positive reinforcement while working diligently on each task toward your goal.

2. Resilience: Resilience is about being adaptable. Cultivate your ability to be resilient by being flexible and adaptable to difficult life situations. You can work on your mental, emotional, and and behavioral flexibility and adjustment to external and internal pressures.

3. Optimism: Optimism is having hope, confidence in success and a positive future. Optimism is viewing hardships as learning experiences and temporary setbacks. Even in the midst of difficulty, the optimist says, "tomorrow will be better."

4. Humor: Humor is the ability to perceive and express the amusing and light-hearted aspect of a situation. It's the ability to not take oneself and life so seriously. It's the ability to tell a joke, not take things so seriously, and to say, "This is not the end of the world."

5. Structure: Structure is the ability to organize, plan, and to build consistency. Break down your goal into small steps and assign a schedule to each task. Establish structure in your life by building productive routines and habits.

6. Support: Support refers to a network of people in your life that can help you heal, grow, and succeed. Networking, reaching out, communicating, and cultivating relationships so their is mutual growth and support.

7. Core values. Core values is having conviction about what is right/wrong, and what really matters in your life. Know and and live by your core values. Let your values drive you towards your goals in life.

8. Self-control. People who are mentally tough take responsibility for the situation that they are in. They are able to control their impulses for immediate gratification and discipline themselves to be successful in the long run.

9. Commitment. Mentally tough individuals are committed to what they are doing and give maximum focus and effort. They possess a mindset of perseverance, endurance, to never give up.

10. Challenge. A person who is mentally tough pursues and embraces challenges. They reframe difficult, stressful situations into being a challenge. They focus on what can be gained from an apparent negative situation.

11. Confidence. People who are mentally tough believe in themselves. They are able to address their self-doubts and develop the confidence in their ability to be successful.

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