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Providing Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy increases your self awareness. You learn to address your thought patterns, core desires, beliefs, values, feelings, and behaviors. Individual therapy also improves your communication skills. You learn to express your thoughts, feelings, and needs assertively. Another benefit of therapy is developing your coping skills to deal with life stressors. Individual therapy also provides the space for personal growth. By knowing yourself accurately, you can live out of your authentic self with confidence.

Treatment specialties:
Anger Management
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Career issues
Clergy care
Cultural identity and diversity issues
Grief and Loss
Life skills, personal growth, and identity development
Life transition issues
Spirituality/faith issues
Stress management
Trauma and Posttraumatic stress (PTSD)

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy gives you and your partner the opportunity to address issues in your relationship such as:

Roles and expectations in the relationship.


Trust and security.

Navigating differences in perspectives, preferences, beliefs, and values.


Time spent together.


Family of origin.

Sex and intimacy.

Health issues.

External stressors.

Relational satisfaction.

Family Therapy

Family therapy helps your family learn how to establish and maintain healthy relationships, communicate effectively with each other, and work cooperatively to solve problems.

Families often seek therapy in the midst of a major event. If a loved one passes away, the family experiences a traumatic event, or conflicts escalate, family therapy can help provide steps towards repair, healing, and reconciliation.

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