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Processing Positive Emotions

Happy- Joy, thrilled, sunny, pleasant, glad, genial, fine, cool, aglow, buoyant, cheerful, elevated, glee, in high spirits, jovial, light-hearted, lively, merry, sparkling, up, delighted, ecstatic, elated, euphoric, overjoyed, vibrant, zippy, elated, encouraged, alive, good, great,

Content- Peace, serene, secure, comfortable, assured, at ease, tranquil, calm, composed, certain, level-headed, stable, sound, quiet, restful, relaxed, well,

Thankful- Grateful, content, satisfied, fulfilled, significant, appreciative, gratified, indebted, pleased, compelled

Excited- Enthusiastic, anticipation, looking forward to, can't wait, hopeful, optimistic, eager, excitable, stoked, motivated, interested, craving, willing, inspired, bursting, ambitious, thirsty, hungry,

Love- Kind, caring, respecting, thoughtful, tolerant, accepting, warm towards, yielding, friendly, interested in, attentive, admiring, gracious, merciful, affectionate, attached, connected, fond of, huggy, soft, sympathetic, empathetic, tender, trusting, open, adoring, cherishing, compassionate, crazy about, infatuated, devoted, idolizing, passionate, zealous longing, intimate

Focused- attentive, concentrating, tunnel vision, blinders on, single-minded, dialed in, in the zone, in the flow, absorbed, engrossed, vigilant, watchful, determined, fixed, occupied, preoccupied, serious, steadfast, studious, undivided, alert, committed, deep, fixated, immersed, inflexible, resolved, obsessed, dedicated, driven, intense, on point, on task

Confident- Strong, secure, energized, empowered, sure, triumph, proud, hope, certain, positive, convinced, firm, unwavering, unfaltering, clear, resolute,

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